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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Made with Love,Cedarwood and Lavendar Laundry Soap

Cedarwood and Lavender Natural Laundry Soap...A natural wood scoop is included as a thank you gift for trying our soap which is a Castile based vegan product that is biodegradable so it is Eco Friendly.We use pure hand milled Castile soap added to our own special recipe in this all natural soap,just one scoop does a whole load and it is economical because you will never need fabric softener again.It works great in cold or warm water and it is compatible with liquid bleach or color safe powered bleach.I love it for fine hand washables because it is so gentle for all fabrics.As with any laundry soap pre treating heavy stains is recommended but other than that,nothing extra is needed because this soap will leave your laundry soft,fresh and clean smelling with out the heavy perfume smell and harsh chemicals in commercial detergents.

Everyone is starting to become more aware that we need to do all we can to preserve our natural resources and protect our oceans and waterways.My family has been using this handmade laundry soap since we discovered the perfect recipe to make our own.Its a wonderful alternative to the commercial detergents on the market that contain chemical additives,chemicals that we cannot even pronounce,this makes for a soap that is perfect for sensitive skin that is prone to problems.Young Mothers are turning back to cloth diapers and my recipe is especially gentle for baby clothes and diapers,it leaves no soap residue to chafe sensitive skin.You will save on diaper rash medication too!More Info: Unscented soap is available also,just convo me with your preference.I use all natural ingredients for my biodegradable product:Pure hand milled castile soap,borax,washing soda and certified organic essential oils of Cedarwood and Laverder for fragrance.All of these ingredient are natural and never tested on animals.

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