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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Great Collection Curated by filbertson of Artfire,It Includes My Lisner Costume Jewelry

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sea Creatures,A Wonderful Collection Curated by an Artfire Member

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stone of India,The Suleiman Stone Holds Magick and Mystery

A Premier Crystal of Magick and Mystery...
Suleiman Stone Is an almost unknown and extremely hard to find crystal native only to the regions of India, Tibet and Nepal... Often visually confused with onyx and agate, it has an entirely different Kirlian Energy Signature... Much heavier and denser, it is actually a form of Cryptocrystalline Quartz more closely related to the Shiva Lingam Stones unique to the same region .
In Ancient Times... In Persia and Tibet it was amongst the most valued and sought after stones. It is said that it's misuse caused the stone to withdraw to great extent and in a certain sense to hide from the collective consciousness and living on only in very old text in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Farsi. It's reemergence has occurred only over the last couple of decades as mankind is crossing the threshold into a new era of consciousness.
Suleiman Stone... Is a Heavy Dense Crystal that easily opens and vibrates in the hands of healers and Light Workers.
Suleiman Stone... Improves our performance on all levels and is a premier stone of guidance and protection, especially during rituals.
Suleiman Stone... Is perhaps the best stone to equilibrate the Yin/ Yang energies but, it is mostly used to become free from all negativity, adult and childhood trauma, and heavy karmas from past lives. It is possible to direct negative entities into this stone then put it in salt water to dissolve them.
Suleiman Stone... Like Merlinite, connects us with ancient Shamanic Energies... Unlike Merlinite, which is a wonderful but relatively new power crystal on the scene, Suleiman Stone has been used for millenia to make this connection.
Suleiman Stone... Has the power to alter the natural state of matter and in ancient times was mostly used (again, like Merlinite) for magick and channeling the energy, wisdom, and power of ancient magi and shamans.
Suleiman Stone... Is often noted for the dramatic Nebula and Galaxy like patterns it can Display and is often carved to specifically enhance these images to even further enhance the stones connection with the all of Brahma... From a Sympathetic Magick point of view, Suleiman Stone dishes are ideal for holding divination aids and other power crystals. They also make ideal scrying bowls.
Crystals and Minerals will always serve you best if they speak to you...
Listen for the Little Voice.