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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Create Your Sacred Space

What is a Sacred Space?
Very simply put, it is an area to connect with your Source energy. Sacred Spaces can be anything you want them to be, from a designated corner bearing an altar filled with things you love to a Serenity Garden or favorite Forest spot where you can go to find stillness and center. A Sacred Space can be a refuge of calm when things around you appear in chaos or a quiet space for meditation and prayer.

Creating your Sacred Space is a way to fill the area with those things and energies that you hold most dear. Each time you enter this space, you connect with the Divine Source within and without.

Sacred Spaces are very unique to the person who is creating them. You may create one Sacred Space or many. There is no limit. There is no wrong way in which to do this. There are no rules, rituals or guidelines. You will be guided by your intuition and creativity. Listen, and trust.

The very first step in building a Sacred Space is Intention. In other words, what is your goal in building this space? What will it be for? How will it assist you in your intent? What do you want to accomplish in this space?

Sit quietly for a while to become very clear on the intended purpose behind the creation of this Sacred Space.

So, where to begin? Find the area where you want to create your space. It can be in the corner of a meditation or healing room, or can be the entire room itself. You can place a table at the end of your bed and fill it with things that you love. You can create a small space on a windowsill or a large space around your favorite nature walk or creek. Choose a spot, indoors or out, that is peaceful to you. If at all possible, find a space free of distraction.

The next step, once your location has been chosen, is to prepare the location. Cleansing the space ensures that any dense/older energies that are not in the interest of your higher good are removed and the area is ready to be infused with your intended energies.

There are many ways to cleanse a space. One favorite is to smudge using sage or a smudge stick. Smudging is simply burning an herb, such as sage or a combination of herbs, to clean out any negative or dense energy. The smoke drifts away, pulling these energies with it. As the smoke dissipates, so do the energies, allowing them to be transmuted back into the loving energy of Universe. Move the smoke around yourself and then over the Sacred Space area. You can also use Incense or candles to accomplish this.

If you prefer to be smoke free, try using a Smokeless Spritz or cleanse the area with the vibration of sound. A Quartz singing bowl or Tibetan Brass bowl can be played in the location. Tingshas, a bell, or tuning forks can be used as an alternative. The same premise as smudging applies. The vibration of sound will absorb the unwanted energies and spirit them away into the loving space of the Universe.

The main focus is to cleanse yourself and the space. Choose what resonates for you. Now you are ready to fill it with items you love and the energy you want it to maintain.

It is my belief that altars are not specifically for one culture, religion, or people. Altars are a universal symbol of what we create in our life, the gifts we find special in our heart and the ideas we hold dear.

An altar can be as simple as a table you place in your Sacred Space. It can be as big and elaborate or as small and simple as you like. A small table covered with a lovely colored cloth and a statue of your favorite deity or a bookshelf filled with your favorite crystals or crystal grid.

If you are one who is in tune with nature, you can create a Sacred Space and fill it with the items of the current season. You may fill your space with items of intention and manifestation. The creation of an altar and its items are as varied in size and scope as we are.

Other items you may want to consider are a bowl of assorted crystals, flowers, a Medicine Bag (a bundled selection of sacred objects), Mala or Rosary (used to focus on your meditations and/or prayers), a pyramid (symbolizes ancient mysteries or revelations), a triangle (trinity or path to higher communications), a picture (to remind you of what you hold in your heart as most dear) or a statue of your choosing to assist in focus. Again, the whole idea behind a Sacred Space is to fill it with items that you love and remind you of the intention you have chosen.

In my home, I have one large Sacred Space area set up with various healing grids for people and pets. Each grid and the crystals used in my intention are unique to the person who requests it. Each day I spend time in this Sacred Space, lighting candles and incense and focusing my intent on those who requested the healing energy. Grids are a wonderful tool to use in a Sacred Space.

In another area of my home I have a long table filled with crystals and accented with a waterfall. In yet another corner, there is an altar filled with Buddhist items, pictures of the Dalai Lama, Sri Ramakrishna and Gandhi, crystals and books that I love and bring me peace. This is my Sacred Space of meditation.

Crystals are a most welcomed addition to any Sacred Space. Their energy fills the space in its entirety and beyond. Each time you enter or walk by this space, you will be infused with this crystal energy.

If you have intended to manifest prosperity and abundance in your Sacred Space, try placing Malachite, Ruby, and/or Citrine in the middle of a grid. Add some items that remind you of abundance—a dollar bill, a picture of what you want to manifest, etc. Place your chosen number of crystal points, each facing out and away from the middle area. This will bring in the energies of abundance and then send this energy out through the crystal points in all directions, filling your space. Other stones that you may want to try would include: Fuschite, Moonstone, Topaz, and Green Aventurine.

Many alternative healers will utilize their healing room to create a Sacred Space. Some even use the area directly under the healing bed as the center of the space. By placing a variety of crystals known for their healing properties under the bed, not only is the space filled, but also the healer and the client are infused with healing energies. Create a healing space using a stone for each chakra and fortified with a quartz crystal on either end. Experiment with Amber, Moss Agate or Dolomite, which detoxify and draw disease out of the body. Sodalite or Smoky Quartz will assist in general cleansing of the body.

If your space is to be used for meditation or connection with higher self and/or Source, place a white silk cloth over the table and fill the space with higher vibrational crystals such as Selenite, Celestite, Angelite, Amethyst, Aragonite, Petalite, Azurite, or Clear Quartz.

Your focus may be on the planet and its inhabitants. You may choose to create a Sacred Space of Hope and Healing. Try using Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Malachite, Sapphire, Moonstone, Chrysocolla and/or Lapis Lazuli. Choose one or many, it is totally up to you and the intention you have set forth.

Your Sacred Space is a personal place of refuge, intention, manifestation, and/or focus. This space will rejuvenate and energize you, comfort you, embrace you, and center you. A Sacred Space inspires, brings hope, joy and love. It is a physical reminder of the inner nature of self/Source. It is your creation, a mirror to the inner self. What will you create today?

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